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Bartch Transplant House

Bartch Transplant House

Living Donor

There are many advantages to living donation, and for almost fourty years our team of experts has been guiding patients through this process.

Living Kidney Donor


In 2007, we added kidney/pancreas services to the transplant program and it has proven success with its high survival rates and low wait times.

Kidney / Pancreas Transplant Overview


We have one of the nation's oldest and largest kidney transplant programs, with more than 170 kidney transplants performed annually.

Kidney Transplant Overview


Our liver transplant program has seen incredible growth since 2007, and has one of the top 5 patient survival rates in the nation.

Liver Transplantation: The Basics


Our Heart Program now offers comprehensive care in Advanced Heart Failure, Ventricular Assist Devices and Transplantation Services.

Our Heart Transplant Program


Our advanced, fully comprehensive lung program provides patients with access to the most advanced medical knowledge and surgical techniques.

Lung Transplantation

Our Quality Measures


Our heart patient survival rates are among the highest in Florida - 93%

Our patient and graft survival rates are among the highest in Florida and above the national average.  We are consistently in the top percentage for these areas.

The lowest wait times for liver transplant candidates in Florida.

Our liver transplant candidates have an average wait time of 30 days.  

Satisfaction Scores

Our dedicated inpatient transplant unit, ranked in the 93rd percentile for an overall rating among hospitals nationwide and ranked in the 99th percentile for willingness to recommend to others, putting our unit in the top 1% of hospitals for patient satisfaction.

Our Physicians

Find out why our program is one of the largest in the nation.

Living Donors

Living Donor transplants on average, last twice as long as deceased donor transplants.

Contact Us

For more information about the Florida Hospital Transplant Center or to be contacted by one of our staff.